An update on our clinic

Check out the latest news below that has been happening at our clinic over the past month:  
We are seeing snake bite cases frequently in our clinic. Keep an eye on your pets! Some snake bite victims can collapse, and then get up again – this is where owners can often make the mistake of thinking that their pet is now “OK”. If you know that your pet has been bitten, call ahead and let us know and bring them straight down. If the snake is dead, please also bring it for proper identification! 

We are on the lookout for Blood Donors! Sometimes, in emergency situations, we may need a blood donor. Your dog could help save a life! Requirements are: Minimum 18months old, be fit and healthy, be on Heartworm prevention, 30+kg, and be available. Please contact us to register your pet! 

We are having a few renovations at present! Soon we will have another consult room, which is exciting. We will have extra room for more nurse consults and so on.