How to apply at our clinic

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Seeking a new career in Veterinary Nursing?

Getting started in the field of Vet Nursing can be difficult however not impossible.  Visit our Veterinary Nursing Careers page to learn more about what is involved and also about the training you may be required to undertake. 

In relation to our practice, the two key components we look for when hiring Trainee Veterinary Nurses are whether the applicant has any animal handling and/or customer service skills. Customer service is an integral part of veterinary nursing so prior experience is a valued asset.

AIRC run what we believe is the most comprehensive veterinary nursing degree in Australia, however they are based in Queensland, so the training is done via correspondence. AIRC have an "Introduction to Veterinary Nursing" course which you could undertake without a position in the industry, and it may help you get into the field. If you complete the introductory course you may then be exempt from some of the subjects for Certificate II in Veterinary Nursing.

To gain animal handling skills you can start out by gaining volunteer or casual work within the animal field. Some places to try would be Lort Smith Animal Hospital, the RSPCA or the Lost Dogs Home. You could also look for some work with a doggy day care centre, dog walking company or boarding facilities (catteries/kennels).

In the meantime, you can forward your resume as per the above details and we will keep it on file and should a trainee position arise we may contact you.

Good luck with your career search.